COMPUTER Dis/assemble & Create!

COMPUTER Dis/assemble & Create!


“COMPUTER Dis/assemble & Create!” is a journey into places of connection through exploring how something comes together by taking it apart and how the pieces of one thing can be used to create something entirely different. What happens when you take all the screws out? Artists will dismantle a desktop computer from start to finish and use the material to assemble something new. We will film our assemblage as it is being created and compose experimental sound stories to make a timelapse video, telling the story of our endeavors.

*includes art materials, snack, and is taught by Janice Marin. 

Time: 3 hours, class size: 5 students

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The goal is to offer an experience of art and flow by linking art, music, poetry, and screen media skills. Through the interdisciplinary discussions of connection, this workshop seeks to inspire an increased depth of observation and exploration, looking beyond what something or someone appears to be and how an old item can experience new life. Paired with these ideological concepts, artists will build skills in assemblage, music composition, and timelapse video/photo.