Surface Area, Via the image-based works of six North American artists, Surface Area explores the idea of surfaces as sites for abstraction and haptic perception; as paradoxical spaces with the capacity to simultaneously reveal and conceal, or to serve as both barriers and entry points. The exhibition emphasizes notions of tactility, dimension, and scale through a range of methods that utilize, hybridize, and evoke both photography and sculpture.

Rachelle Bussières (Brooklyn, New York)
Aspen Mays (San Francisco, California)
Paula McCartney (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Fabiola Menchelli (Mexico City, Mexico)
Tim Schwartz (Los Angeles, California)
Letha Wilson (Brooklyn/Hudson, New York)
Curated by Noah Doely


"Domestic Violence is an issue that effects us all, whether we realize it or not. Breaking the chains of abuse or rather the cycle of abuse requires us to examine not only the victims of abuse but the perpetrators of the violence as well. Todays political landscape provides us a great opportunity to examine ourselves and America's on going violent relationship with itself." - LaShunda Hamner


❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 SKATE an exhibition of Paper Cuts and drawings by Marbie Miller (She/Her) a La Porte City Native, shown in parallel with sculptures, prints and video by Cedar Falls Native Nick Hall (He/Him). Emerging artists Nick and Marbie investigate themes of self-expression and urban landscape deterioration. Skate is a celebration of community, queer skateboarding, and the redefining mark-making skateboarding has on the urban and cultural landscape.

*blush: The New Sensorium embraces the discomfort sometimes associated with our bodies, orgasm, and intimacy to critically engage with the idea of pleasure. What forms does it take? How is it constructed? Pleasure is desire’s anchor, pulling down and grounding desire’s floating energy into the sensorium of the body.


An exhibition of digital images by Jake Platt shown in collaboration with excerpts from “Prophet Noir”, an album by sound artists Shawn Reed and Derek Maxwell. A series of printed color digital images and a hybridized contemporary electronic dub sound installation with headsets playing two tracks on loop present a tension between persistent unrequited desires (the “objet petit a”) and the immediacy of sound. “Objet petit a”, interjected with the ‘fermata symbol’ offers a conversation between an idea, its function, and the activation of music.