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Marin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new photography by Jacqueline Kehoe, Waterloo native, shown in parallel with drawings by Mariel Garcia. What is this era’s experience of pleasure? In their explorations of the vibrator—the common sex toy—emerging artists Jacqueline Kehoe and Mariel Garcia investigate themes of sexuality and self-empowerment.

*blush: The New Sensorium embraces the discomfort sometimes associated with our bodies, orgasm, and intimacy to critically engage with the idea of pleasure. What forms does it take? How is it constructed? Pleasure is desire’s anchor, pulling down and grounding desire’s floating energy into the sensorium of the body.

A first-generation Cuban-American lesbian artist, Mariel Garcia tells a story, with an aura of calmness and cariño, about falling in love and reclaiming their body (Garcia uses the pronouns they/them). In its combination of letters, messages, and drawings, using everyday non-traditional materials such as Sharpie markers, foam and sandwich boards, and yard signs, Garcia’s work conveys a raw honesty and vulnerability that cannot be disciplined. 

Jacqueline Kehoe deconstructs the stigmas, and lack of understanding, surrounding sexuality and the orgasm. In the traditional medium of painting, her portraits consider the vibrator—usually secret and hidden from view—as an object and tool that often evokes simultaneous excitement and discomfort. Created in response to Scene D Theatre Project's reading of In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play by the playwright Sarah Ruhl, the work investigates the history of the orgasm, and how this bodily sensation is regulated by cultural norms and understandings.

*This exhibit contains sexually oriented adult material intended for individuals 18 years of age or older.

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