Marin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of drawings by Alex Dooley, shown in parallel with sculptures, prints, and video by Morris Fox. Poet Joyelle McSweeney defines the necropastoral as “a political-aesthetic zone in which the fact of mankind’s depredations cannot be separated from an experience of "nature" which is poisoned, mutated, aberrant, spectacular, full of ill effects and affects.” Her term—with its emphasis on the phantasmic, decay, seepages, and doublings— describes the horrors of life in the Anthropocene, our current epoch marked by mass extinctions, pollution, and climate change due to human action. A critique of the idea of the pastoral as a site of imagined purity and tranquility, the “necropastoral” is instead a place where the deathliness of our existence on a dying planet is made manifest. In this exhibit, the necropastoral is represented by velvet, Devoré dissolved cellulose-based fibres, that conjure the macabre. Artists Morris Fox and Alex Dooley use velvet, video projection, sculpture and delicate ink drawings to lay bare this uncanny state of being.